Hannula: Psych-AP


AP Psychology is a yearlong course and is offered as elective credit for juniors and seniors with seniors having first priority. Our general objectives are listed in the APA High School Program: Statement for the High School Psychology Course:

Students should study the major core concepts and theories of psychology. They should be able to define key terms and to use these terms in their everyday vocabulary. Students should be able to compare and contrast major theories in psychology.

Students should learn the basic skills of psychological research. They should be able to devise simple research projects, interpret and generalize from results, and evaluate the general validity of research reports.

Students should be able to apply psychological concepts to their own lives. They should be able to recognize psychological principles when they are encountered in everyday situations.

Students should develop critical thinking skills. They should become aware of the danger of blindly accepting or rejecting any psychological theory without careful, objective evaluation.

•Students should actively develop reading, writing, and discussion skills.

Students should learn about the ethical standards governing the work of psychologists. They should maintain high ethical standards and sensitivity in applying the principles of psychology to themselves, other peoples, and other organisms.