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    Instructor: Chris Montano



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    Introduction: Grammar, Usage and Mechanics

    Tuesday, August 30: intro survey; introductions; Disclosure document/ course guidelines (See above) HW: get journal & have parent sign disclosure doc

    Wed., Aug. 31: Journal #1; Read "The Bracelet"; narrative writing pre-assessment at

    Thurs., Sept. 1: Journal #2; narrative writing pre-assessment at

    Fri., Sept. 2: library


    Tuesday, September 6: STAR reading test

    Review Intro Speech with rubric (due Tuesday);   watch teacher sample and score on rubric; Speech work & practice time HW: Speech due Mon., Sept. 12

    Wednesday, September 7: Step Up to Writing: paragraph organization review

    Thursday, September 8: Write a well-organized paragraph

    Friday, September 9: Usage pre-test; speech work time

    Monday, September 12: Intro speeches (See assignment posted below) 

    Tuesday, September 13: Usage & apostrophes

    Wednesday, September 14: Punctuation: colons, semicolons and quotation marks

    Thursday, September 15:  Verbs: Subject/ verb agreement & tense; Voice: Grammar Girl podcast at

    Friday, September 16: Latin 1 and 2

    Monday, September 19: Quiz on usage and mechanics (apostrophes, colons, semicolons and quotation marks) at

    Tuesday, September 20: Grammar: clauses, appositives and verbals 

    Wednesday, September 21: Pronouns (with preposition review for objective case)

    Thursday, September 22:  Parallelism unit from Towson University at


    • Click on the link above to open Towson University's self-teaching Parallelism Unit.
    • Read the instructions and examples, then click on the Link to Exercise #1. Complete exercises #1-5. Ask questions if you get stuck! Working with a partner is an option too.
    • When you have finished the examples, print the post-test, complete and turn in.

    Friday, September 23- Wednesday, September 28: Rocking-Horse Winner

    Monday, September 26: PIR DAY No school for students

    Tuesday, September 27 and Wednesday, September 28Rocking-Horse Winner

    Thursday, September 29: Quizstar quizzes on Latin 1-2 and Grammar: pronouns, verbs, clauses, verbals,  appositives and parallelism at

    Friday, September 30: Beowulf Scavenger Hunt at & respond to Beowulf Thought Questions (see assignment posted below)

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    First Quarter: Narrative and Informative Techniques

    Mon., Oct 3:  Beowulf Scavenger Hunt at & respond to Beowulf Thought Questions (see assignment posted below

    Beowulf intro: Socratic discussion of heroes using Thought Questions

    Tues., Oct. 4: Meet Beowulf; compare and contrast the epic poem with Robert Zemeckis' 2007 film excerpts (see Beowulf: epic poem vs. film below). British and Western Literature Vol. 1 pages 27-34; Zemeckis' 2007 Beowulf film minutes 15-20.

    Wednesday, October 5: Beowulf vs. Grendl; compare and contrast the epic poem with Robert Zemeckis' 2007 film excerpts (see graphic organizer below). British and Western Literature Vol. 1 pages 34-38; Zemeckis' 2007 Beowulf film minutes 37-47.

    Thursday, October 6: Beowulf vs. Grendl's mother; compare and contrast the epic poem with Robert Zemeckis' 2007 film excerpts (see graphic organizer below). British and Western Literature Vol. 1 pages 38-43; Zemeckis' 2007 Beowulf film minutes 54-1:08.

    Friday, October 7: Beowulf vs. the dragon; compare and contrast the epic poem with Robert Zemeckis' 2007 film excerpts (see graphic organizer below). British and Western Literature Vol. 1 pages 43-49; Zemeckis' 2007 Beowulf film minutes 1:24-1:43.

    Monday, October 10:  Beowulf wrap-up

    Tuesday, October 11 and Wednesday, October 12: (see hero analysis essay, informative rubric, and informative essay graphic organizer below) Write hero analysis essay first draft using graphic organizer; set up googledoc in MLA format 

    Thursday, October 13: Type first draft and turn in

    Friday, October 14:  Latin 3 & 4

    Monday, October 17: peer editing of hero analysis essay first drafts

    Tuesday, October 18: Edit hero analysis essay and turn in final draft for 100 points

    Wednesday, October 19:  Latin 3

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    Second Quarter: Informative Writing

    Monday, October 26- Tuesday, October 27: Write a suspenseful short story. See handout and narrative rubric below.

    Wed., October 28: Macbeth Themes to Ponder; PBS' Shakespeare Uncovered: "Macbeth with Ethan Hawke"

    Thurs., October 29: Latin 4; drama terms pre-test at

    Fri., October 30: Macbeth Themes to Ponder fishbowl

    Mon. & Tues., Nov. 2 & 3: Macbeth Act I

    Wed. & Thurs., Nov. 4 & 5: Macbeth Act II

    Fri., Nov. 6: Latin 3 & 4 quiz

    Mon. & Tues., Nov. 9 & 10: Macbeth Act III

    Wed. & Thurs., Nov. 11 & 12: Macbeth Act IV

    Fri. & Mon., Nov. 13 & 16: Macbeth Act V

    Tues., Nov. 17: Macbeth wrap-up; LIBRARY visit

    Wed., Nov. 18: Performance preparation day 1: Choose group, scene and roles

    Thurs., Nov. 19: Performance preparation day 2: Read through scene, translate and rehearse

    Fri., Nov. 20: Performance preparation day 3: Choose costumes, props, music and blocking; practice

    Mon., Nov. 23: Performance preparation day 4: Practice and/ or film scene

    Tues., Nov. 24: Latin 5

    Tues., Dec. 1: Latin 6

    Wed., Dec. 2: Macbeth Performances!

    Thurs., Dec. 3- Thurs., Dec. 10: Write Macbeth informative essay; Latin 5 & 6 review

    Fri., Dec. 11: Latin 5 & 6 quiz at

    December 11- January 15: Lord of the Flies
    January 18- January 22: semester exams (BHS English Dept. Informative Assessment)

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    Third Quarter: Research Paper & Persepolis

    January 27- January 29: Latin 7 and 8; choosing a research topic with group brainstorm/ discussion; research calendar and requirements; read sample paper about wolves

    February 1-5: Meet in library for database orientation; find and print 5 articles related to your topic; create 5 bibliography cards; read articles and create 10 notecards

    February 8-12: Meet in library to create 10 more notecards; organize and label notecards; prepare formal outline using googledocs template; write a thesis statement and draft intro paragraph

    February 16-19: Meet in Writing Center to type Works Cited page and pages 1-3 using googledocs

    February 22: Meet in Writing Center to print first draft & use; Latin 9

    February 23: Meet in library for peer and self editing 

    February 24: Latin 10 or work on corrections to research paper; Latin 7-10 Pictionary

    February 25: Make corrections and print first draft (worth 100 points using first draft rubric) and turn in to Ms. Montano

    February 26: Meet in library for Digital Citizenship lesson

    February 29-March 8: One-on-one writing conferences; make editing corrections; The Importance of Being Earnest & Gulliver's Travels; final draft worth 200 points due by March 21

    March 9-11: Read The Little Prince with study guidefinal research paper draft worth 200 points due by March 21

    March 21-22: Meet in N220 for Persepolis Webquest (using Webquest worksheet) at         final draft worth 200 points due by March 21

    March 23- March 29: Read Persepolis using study guide

    March 30: Persepolis fishbowl prep

    March 31: Persepolis film (first 43 minutes)

    April 1: Persepolis fishbowl

    April 4: Persepolis compare/ contrast chart:  According to Marjane Satrapi, is it better to live in a secular society or a theocratic one? Use examples from Persepolis to support your answer. 

    April 5: Persepolis persuasive graphic organizer

    April 6: Write Persepolis concession paragraph

    April 7: Latin 11

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    Fourth Quarter: Satire and Argumentative Writing

    April 11: brief Chaucer biography with Canterbury Tales intro and work time to practice reading aloud

    April 12- 19: Read CTales Prologue aloud with study guide

    April 20-21: Write your own Canterbury Tale (due April 26)

    April 22: CTales Fishbowl prep

    April 25-26: Canterbury Tales fishbowl; perform original tales

    April 27-29: Argumentative writitng review: graphic organizers, concessions, transition words and thesis statements

    May 2-17: BHS English Dept. Argumentative Assessment (semester exam): brainstorming; research; organization review; thesis/claim, concession paragraph, transitions, etc.

    Friday, May 6: TedTalk

    Monday, May 9: independent reserach using Annotated Bibliography

    May 18: STAR reading test in WC

    May 19-20: A Modest Proposal close reading

    May 23- June 3: Book Club

    June 6- 9: Semester Exams

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