Parent University Presentation - Diversity Presentation

Gender Awareness:  Beyond the Binary.  Expanding our understanding of gender to fully support all youth

National Geographic describes gender identity as “a shifting landscape.”  A recent survey of a thousand millennials found that half of them believe gender is a spectrum.  Transgender youth  are at an increased risk for being bullied, being sexually assaulted, or attempting suicide.  Want to learn more?  

Bozeman Parent University, Montana State University’s Diversity Awareness Office and Counseling and Psychological Services are sponsoring a free workshop to help build understanding.  Audience members will be provided with clear and accurate information about gender identity, become knowledgeable about the risks transgender people face and how to help, and learn where to go for more information.  

Thursday, May 18 / Willson Board Room / 7 - 9 pm / Presentations and Panel Q&A

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