Topic outline

  • General

    English II

    Instructor: Chris Montano



  • Second Quarter: Informative Writing

    Oct. 30- Nov. 1: Write a suspenseful short story. See handout and narrative rubric below.

    Nov. 4: Macbeth Themes to Ponder; PBS' Shakespeare Uncovered: "Macbeth with Ethan Hawke"

    Nov. 5: Latin 4 wrap-up; Drama terms pre-test at

    Nov. 6: Macbeth Themes to Ponder fishbowl

    Nov. 7: Macbeth Act I

    Nov. 8: Latin 5

    Nov. 11 and 12: Macbeth Act II

    Nov. 13 and 14: Macbeth Act III

    Nov. 15 and 18: Macbeth Act IV

    Nov. 19 and 20: Macbeth Act V

    Nov. 21: Macbeth wrap-up; LIBRARY visit

    Nov. 22: Performance preparation day 1: Choose group, scene and roles

    Nov. 25: Performance preparation day 2: Read through scene, translate and rehearse

    Nov. 26: Performance preparation day 3: Choose costumes, props, music and blocking; practice

    Dec. 2: Performance preparation day 4: Practice and/ or film scene

    Dec. 3: Latin 6

    Dec. 4: Macbeth Performances!

    Dec. 5- Dec. 11: Write Macbeth informative essay

    Dec. 12- January 20: All Quiet on the Western Front

    Jan. 21-23: semester exams (BHS English Dept. Informative Assessment)