Bozeman Schools Foundation - APPLE Recognition Awards

Bozeman Schools Foundation - APPLE Recognition Awards

Looking for the perfect way to say Thank You or Happy Holidays? The Bozeman Schools Foundation presents the APPLE Recognition Award. An APPLE Recognition Award honors special teachers, administrators, staff and school leaders for their dedication and contributions to excellence in education.

 Your donation of any amount will honor deserving recipients with the following:

·        A personalized card with a message from you

·        An actual ‘Apple for the Teacher’

·        Recognition of their honor on the Bozeman Schools Foundation website

·        Acknowledgement of their distinction given to their school principal

We are presenting your card along with the apple in the week of December 15th so your entries MUST BE RECEIVED by December 12th. For more information about the Bozeman Schools Foundation or to make your Apple donation online, visit An Apple Donation form will also be sent home with students K-8.

Last modified: Wednesday, 12 November 2014, 8:55 AM