-Assign: 17.1 Reading notes and Bk p. 510 5-11

THURSDAY 4/26/12
-Q from bk assign p.510 5-11
-Work on Fahrenheit to Celsius Temperature handout
-Check reading notes from 17.1
-Assign: Problems on back of F to C handout

FRIDAY 4/27/12
-Q from Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion problems??, finish, grade
-Review Solutions Tests
-Discuss why orange orchards are sprayed with water when a frost is predicted
-Assign: None

MONDAY 4/30/12
-Review & notes on Law of Heat Exchange w/ sample problems, The Hot Jogger, and determining specific heat of an unknown alloy.

TUESDAY 5/1/12
-Q on Thermodynamics Problems (handout), finish (15 min), grade
-Assign: 17.1 SR and Word Find

-Q on 17.1 SR?, finish (3 min), grade
-Turn in Word Find
-Notes on 17.2 Calorimetry (prepare for calorimetry lab tomorrow) & Enthalpy, Start 17.3 Phase Changes (Graph)
-Assign: none

-Specific Heat Lab (due Monday)
-Assign: 17.2 SR

FRIDAY 5/4/12
-Discuss lab, turn in on Monday
-Finish 17.3 Notes on Phase Changes w/ sample problems, including #1 on Sample Latent Heat Problems handout
-Assign: 17.3 SR (due Monday) & Sample Latent Heat problems (due Tuesday)

MONDAY 5/7/12
-Q from lab? Due end of period.
-Set up #2 Sample Latent Heat Problems
-Work time: Work on lab, Sample Latent Heat Problems, 17.3 SR
-Assign: Finish Sample Latent Heat Problems & 17.3 SR

TUESDAY 5/8/12
-Q from assign? finish (10 minutes), grade
-Notes on Temp, kinetic energy, phase changes, potential energy
-Sample problem: Beach Party with cooler, ice, soda, and watermelon

-Assign:Ch 17 Practice Problems, Ch Quiz, Ch Vocab Review

-Q from assign? finish (15 min), grade
-Assign: none

THURSDAY 5/10/12
-Set up "The Big Bang" Popcorn Problem
-Practice Quiz
-Assign: Finish Popcorn Problem & STUDY for test

FRIDAY 5/11/12
-Assign: Study for test

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